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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
He's either lying to trick people into making them think they heard something that they didn't, or it's misogyny that's making him really think Chemda was hysterical.

I think it's the former because I think he's very smart, but I can see the latter easily as well.

The other stuff such as "calm down," "your mic is louder," "now we're onto name calling," are nothing other than tricks.

We far and away won this poll, so this isn't from hard feelings of any kind: Pat is a smug trickster from way back. It shocks me that it works on some people.

I of course say that with peace and love.
1. Soon-Yi was not 15 when those Polaroids were taken. I was incorrect and so was Chemda, and I apologize to my listeners for perpetuating false information.

2. Soon-Yi is not Woody Allen's daughter in any sense of the word. I have often referred to her as his "step daughter" and that is patently incorrect.

3. It seems reasonable to assume that I, Keith Malley, know decidedly LESS about this case than a team of highly educated and experienced professionals who researched the allegation for months and interviewed everyone involved.

4. According to these professionals who comprised the Yale-New Haven Sex Abuse Clinic, Woody Allen DID NOT MOLEST DYLAN FARROW.

5. It is beyond question that Dylan's own child psychologist Dr. Nancy Schultz knows more about child psychology and this case than do I, Keith Malley. As she treated Dylan for over a year before, and also after the allegation, she had firsthand knowledge of the case as well as the education and experience to interpret what she gathered firsthand working with her.

6. It is a fact that she also testified in court, under oath and without reservation, that Woody DID NOT MOLEST DYLAN.

7. Dr. Susan Coates, who also treated the family and Dylan, also knows WAY more than I do. After all, she is a child psychologist and I'm some guy who yells things. It would be ludicrous to assume that my opinion could be more informed than hers.

8. Dr. Susan Coates also testified in court, under oath and without reservation that Woody Allen DID NOT MOLEST DULAN.

9. Moses Farrow and Soon-Yi Previn, who lived in the house with Mia for many years, know way more about the situation than me. They both lived with Mia for many years and both believe Dylan wasn't molested but was played as a pawn in Mia's quest to smear Woody Allen's name. They believe, and have without qualification have states to the press, that Woody didn't molest Dylan.

10. In the face of team of highly professional and dedicated professionals, two additional family child psychologists and two close family members, all of whom have superior education, experience and vastly superior firsthand knowledge of the subject and the investigation, ALL of whom say, without any disclaimer or the slightest uncertainty, that based on everything they know, Woody Allen didn't molest his daughter: I, Keith Malley, who admittedly have no firsthand knowledge of the case, believe to the contrary.

11. I base my belief on the idea that if Woody Allen, at over 50, chose to enter into a sexual relationship with the 20-year-old adopted daughter of his longtime girlfriend, then any allegations regarding him sexually assaulting a young child of 7 must be true. In my mind, having sex with a 20-year-old is the same as having sex with a 7-year-old. I really believe this.

12. My beliefs are rooted almost entirely in prejudice against Woody Allen's relationship with Soon-Yi and, in fact, I refuse to even acknowledge the validity of any evidence that suggests this incident did not occur, including the lack of any physical evidence, the lack of any criminal or civil charges, witnesses or any shred or corroborating evidence to accompany the claim of the accuser. I have stubbornly refused to take any facts of the case into account.

13. Pat Dixon said nothing I can demonstrate to be untrue regarding this case on the KATG podcast.

14. My inability to refute anything he said, and I mean ANYTHING, has resulted in my need to attack him personally, claiming he was insulting or somehow tricking people, etc. I've further painted him as a misogynist just because he referred to my cohost as "hysterical" when clearly, lets face it, she was losing it and making more noise than sense, and taking the conversation off on ridiculous tangents like reading the definition of "consistent."

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