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If you can't attack the message, attack the man

Originally Posted by JSZilla View Post
I see what you mean. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. But it's the other bullshit you mentioned that is making it increasingly difficult to do so. I do hope after all this everyone is still cool.

That peace and love thing should be your new tag line btw. That's hilarious.
Look, if you're going to call me out for being rude or whatever....

How come you don't also point out that Keith called me a dickhead?

That Chemda straight up said to me "fuck you!" Is "hysterical" worse than "fuck you"?

Keith yells over me to prevent my point from being made, I mention his mic is loud, which is actually a nicer way of pointing out what's happening.

I contend that when I said "calm down" she genuinely was in a worked up frame of mind that was inhibiting her ability to have a rational conversation. And since when is "calm down" such an insult?

And is it so unforgivable to call someone out for name-calling when then call you a dickhead? I guess I'm supposed to sink to their level and yell back and call them names, then I wouldn't appear so condescending and smug.

And I guess when a woman yells seeming nonsense at me, I'm supposed to label that a passionate and worthy opinion, before changing the subject to something more on topic. What do I know, I'm just some guy who Googled articles before I showed up, so sue me.

But the facts I came with were all true and that wasn't a trick.

I understand their frustration about having so few facts at their disposal, but apparently neither of them prepared for this discussion by doing any research so how is this my fault?

When they said untrue stuff like about Woody taking pictures of Soon-Yi at 15 (she was in her 20's for god's sake) I refused to speak to it because I rightly didn't feel it was true. This made Chemda irate, and yet they still won't publicly acknowledge they were insisting I comment on something wildly inaccurate.

Keith and Chemda are friends of mine, and I deeply enjoyed that show. I relish every opportunity to appear on KATG, and they have introduced me to some of my best friends in the world who are their fans. Obviously no ill will on this end, no matter what, because I'm a fan and an admirer as well as a friend.

But on this topic, they really had nothing other than their righteous indignation and seeming moral superiority in identifying with the plight of the accuser. When that's all you've got, and you can't attack the message, all you can do is attack the man. That's what's happening now.
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