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Originally Posted by JSZilla View Post
Sup dawg. You are the man. Just wanna add that. So to respond I actually have mentioned them with the name calling previously. Just not in that particular post. When discussing this with Keith here a few posts prior I was actually referring to the period comment you made in reference to you making it difficult to defend. I also felt Keith got on you about as much as Chemda and found it odd you were mentioning her more than Keith in reference to hysterics.

Is her possibly being on her period really that necessary to bring up? We can agree to disagree and I did not see her face when she did it.

Look I'm with you on the whole "he didn't do it" bullshit. I am. When it comes to this sort of shit you HAVE to evaluate the facts no matter how much you think they did it. OJ and MJ come to mind.

For the record I think everyone on the 'Cast could of handled it better. That's all. I ain't judging, I can't. I have the bad habit of encouraging suicide and graphic death threats when I get angry. I am trying hard to stop. One of these days I'm gonna get my ass kicked or worse.

Maybe the problem is I shouldn't get so attached to the situation. It's not a big deal. News flash: people are disagreeing on things. I fail to understand why we are on page 22 of this already. I apologize if I fucked ya up here. I don't think you are trying to trick anyone.

Do you think maybe you are being too defensive?
Defensiveness: No, I'm right on. People can only attack me, not the truth of what I'm saying.

About Chemda's period, some people will see the humor of that post, and some people will idiotically think it's evidence of my misogyny (no offense.)

Ps, I never said Woody didn't do it.
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