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Even acknowledging what the (anti-Woody) investigation revealed about Woody and Soon Yi barely having any kind of interaction until she was a young woman I'm skeeved out by the massive age gap and the ex-lover's-step-daughter angle in the Woody/Soon Yi relationship. I've seen 3 Woody movies and only liked one of them*. I'm not a fan. Dylan's letter is very emotionally effecting.

But having seen all the evidence from both sides while I'm not convinced he did make the leap from guy-who's-attracted-to-young-women to guy-who's-attracted-to-pre-pubescent girls at all. It's possible. It's not definite. That's a VERY significant leap to make. They're two VERY different kinds of attraction. And frankly it's worrying any time it's suggested they're not.

* And that was one in which neither Woody not a Woody stand-in are featured.

Originally Posted by PatDixonNYC View Post
She was 21. There's a link to a Washington Post story that settles it, and it's in this thread more than once. It appears the first time in a post early on that says "for those playing catch up" and I included it in several of my posts.
Oh yeah, I know the Washington Post article says she's 21 in those photos, I just haven't heard Keith or Chemda take back the insistent claim that she was "at most 15" that they made at you during the episode so I figure they must have a link to an investigation which refutes that. Either that or they're playing tricks, but Keith would never resort to anything other than dealing with plain facts so that can't be true can it?
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