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Originally Posted by seamus View Post
Pat, in the first few minutes of the talk on the topic, you started calling Keith a misogynist with no facts about it. It didn't ask for a follow up to clarify what the position was. You made an assumption with researching, and went very boldly with your opinion.

Why are you complaining about other acting in a manner similar to the manner you started the debate with?
It wasn't a complaint about Keith's manner, it was an observation about his belief that young women are not equal to older men.

Keith's belief is that younger women of the ages 18-20 are all easily mislead and can be easily mislead into sleeping with an older man.

My belief is that women that age know well enough who they're attracted to and who they are not attracted to, and can make their own decisions.

If you consider the fact that relatively few women 18-20 actually sleep with or date a man in his 50's, while there are certainly plenty of older gentlemen who would be happy to go there, I think the conclusion is obvious that older men can't just manipulate women this age so easily. I think women that age are much smarter and give them more credit that Keith does.

Also, I point out the fact that when an older woman sleeps with a much younger, inexperienced male, she's typically celebrated as a "cougar" rather than accused of being a "creepy old lady." No one worries about a man that age being manipulated.

My view of the relative power of the sexes seems more balanced to me. It could be argued that "misogynist" isn't the precise word, since it can't be proven that Keith HATES women just because he perceives them as less than equal. However, I've been called a misogynist on the show for far less, so I figure we're throwing that word around loosely in the KATG world.

I hope that answers your question.
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