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Originally Posted by beckydewbabe View Post
C'MONNN--The issue I had listening to this shit was I felt like their was some unknown agreement made before the show... Pat Dixon feels like he has some perspective and throughout the show pointed out how he came on to discuss the "FACTS"... he's not a lawyer and his only unique perspective comes from his fascination with misogynistic jokes, usually based on god awful sex crimes. I introduced my fiance to KATG and the Crime Report when we first started dating- I can always tell when he's had a bit too much of Pat's voice in his ear...

It was very misogynistic for Pat to specifically use the word "hysteria" when addressing Chemda's request for him to think of the situation and develop and opinion on what we do know. I'm confused why he even came on the show if he only wanted to talk about what he thought were facts and dismiss any information he didn't decide were facts for himself.
Ok, I'll bite. Why was it misogynistic to use the word "hysterical"?
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