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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
I love how women equate a man's worth with how long he can be loyal to a woman!

Woody's personal life and his written both make it clear that a man can be in a long relationship and/ or marriage and yet still trade it all in for teenage pussy. Christ! How many people on this forum have actually seen Blue Jasmine? It's a key component to this whole ordeal...


You could be right. Woody might have gotten all his side pussy days behind him. Maybe he's married since 1997 and stayed content.

I want you to think about this though. It's gross, but bear with me. Let's say that Woody Allen is in fact a child molester. We all know that shit is incurable and doesn't just end. Men convicted of that crime are repeat offenders.

What if the only thing keeping Woody 'faithful in marriage' is that he's abusing those two Asian adopted girls? Soon Yi strikes me as a woman who is in a very submissive role. She has been groomed since a young girl to accept Woody's perverted sexual desires. There have been plenty cases of husband/ wife child abuse cases. It is possible.

I'm sure Pat is now going to dissect this with numerous horseshit Washington Post articles on why I'm wrong. I'm more interested in a human/ personal response.

Also, above all else, everyone should see Blue Jasmine. It's incredible. It's got Dice, Louis CK, and Cate Blanchett in the greatest portrayal of a complacent/submissive rich wife's descent into madness - ever. It's award winning. Maybe some of you bitching on these forums might have missed that part.
I will admit after reading the custody findings (yup, I research shit beforehand lol) I too thought about the two little girls. I also know from research pedophilia very rarely is it just an isolated incident and typically manifests to repeat behavior. I do not see Soon-Yi as some helpless little victim (just as Pat) unlike so many who do. When I was 18 and I messing around with 30+ year olds. I looked older than I am now. I pursued em, I wanted em, and I fucked them because I was more maturie than guys my own age and was bored. (I completely agree with Pat 100% regarding Keith/Chemda's rebuttals to this point, an 18+ woman KNOWS what's she's doing with her vajayjay, don't get it twisted). Soon-Yi got her man. Soon-Yi is an extremely intelligent polyglot. And I pray a mother that loves her children that she would do what Mia Farrow did not and investigate and/or prosecute Allen within an inch of his life if she ever suspected abuse or one of those girl's mentioned molestation. If he's charged and found guilty, then he's guilty but until then the burden of proof is not on Allen, it now technically on Dylan since she wanted to bring everything back up.

And to play devil's advocate: have you ever met someone who was convicted of a crime they did not commit, was accused of impregnating a woman when its another dude's baby, or someone who was falsely accused of rape or molestation? The false allegation, witch hunt, innuendos, and continued mentions of the supposed crime never go away. Families are torn apart. People commit suicide. It's horrible. And this is why I feel it is irresponsible to go around posting a bunch of shit about Woody Allen - I wasn't there, he was never charged, he has never confessed, and he was never found guilty.

Time for Mia and Dylan to prove this shit or shut the fuck up about it. Or maybe Allen will slap their asses with a libel & defamation suit, because these two heffas never use "allegedly."

I will see Blue Jasmine the day MJ comes back from the grave. I do not know one Black person who even likes Woody Allen or his boring ass films. I don't even like Woody Allen lmao I just like factual debate
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The thing is, Toni happens to be absolutely batshit.
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