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Originally Posted by ImStillToni View Post
Time for Mia and Dylan to prove this shit or shut the fuck up about it. Or maybe Allen will slap their asses with a libel & defamation suit, because these two heffas never use "allegedly."
You make a good point with the 'allegedly.' It's hard to argue that Woody Allen is NOT going after them because he just wants it to go away, (due to guilt) OR if he's like, "God, I just want this to go away, I'm innocent and this is the worst."

You also brought up that Ronan might be Sinatra's kid. Look at the pics. He looks EXACTLY like him! Now does this prove Woody is a 'nice' guy? Or does it prove HE'S SO FUCKING GUILTY that he's knowingly paying child support for someone else's kid, in hopes it goes away? Hell, maybe he's just rich and doesn't give a fuck.

Black folks don't watch Woody Allen films?? Mind blown
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