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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
You make a good point with the 'allegedly.' It's hard to argue that Woody Allen is NOT going after them because he just wants it to go away, (due to guilt) OR if he's like, "God, I just want this to go away, I'm innocent and this is the worst."

You also brought up that Ronan might be Sinatra's kid. Look at the pics. He looks EXACTLY like him! Now does this prove Woody is a 'nice' guy? Or does it prove HE'S SO FUCKING GUILTY that he's knowingly paying child support for someone else's kid, in hopes it goes away? Hell, maybe he's just rich and doesn't give a fuck.

Black folks don't watch Woody Allen films?? Mind blown
I will say I personally do believe that Ronan is Sinatra's son. To me it proves that

a) either Woody has always known because Mia told him and its a secret between the two of them. So if Woody knowingly accepted and paid support for a baby he knows was not his, again, says a lot about his character. No every man will knowingly accept another man's child has is. This is exactly what MrToni's "dad" did, he's raised MrToni since age 5. MrToni considers his biodad dead and his "stepfather" is the main that raised him. He would take a bullet for the man that raised him, not his bio dad.
B) Allen's rich enough he can knowingly pay support for Ronan no matter what versus contesting paternity and screwing up this (then kid's) head

I DESPISE Woody Allen films. Until I lived in NYC, I didn't realize how many rich white folks i see every fucking day....i don't need to watch a woody allen film to see the same shit, plus he irks the shit out of me. so I will say my fave Allen film is The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)..I haven't watched one of his films since the 90s because I personally do not care for him. goes to show you can defend someone without even liking their ass

I just said I do not know any Black folk who like or watch Allen films. I'm sure there are a few here and there...but you can only watch so many movies written by a man who NEVER has a Black person in the cast. it's all WASPS with a sprinkle of Latino (Cruz, Javier, etc) here and there. Like there are NO nukkas in ALL of Managattan or LI or CT? lmao yea, ok
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The thing is, Toni happens to be absolutely batshit.
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