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What a shitty thing to have to deal with. I'm keeping a good thought for you guys, Chemda and Lauren.

Jonnie's behavior has the earmarks of some sort of organic mental breakdown in my opinion. My twin brother painted some graffiti of a similar nature on the walls of his room before he killed himself in 2006. He was 22. We never knew why he did it or could come up with any specific reason for his death. He led a pretty normal life. I ate lunch with him almost everyday. He was pretty introverted at times though. I don't know if Jonnie was that way at all.

The only thing I could come up with is that my bro had some sort of mental breakdown that erupted in odd writings on his walls and in some notebooks I found in his car from that day.

My point is that Jonnie may have had something similar happen where he sort-of imploded and lashed out somewhat uncontrollably. This would explain why he would do something that would effect Chemda and Lauren in such a negative way. It is possible that he wasn't thinking at all and having some sort of psychiatric episode. I absolutely am not saying he isn't responsible for his actions. I was just reminded of what I went through with my brother and was thinking it might help to share. It made no sense to me that my brother would put our family through that. He loved us unconditionally. Maybe this will help you guys take it less personally.

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