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I disagree about the whole blacks are more likely to be homophobic on a personal level. I think it's more about religion than race. And many of these states that have homophobic laws are deeply religious and racist. I know Keith was saying that white people are in charge in these states so of course it's white people making these homophobic laws.

Well those white people don't just stop existing when they clock out of their job as a judge or politician. Those people go home and make up folks' families, communities, churches ect. They're not just homophobic from 9 to 5 they are homophobic all the time.

Even in California with Prop 8 the Mormon church spent millions of dollars to make sure marriage equality wouldn't pass and instead the failure of marriage equality gets put at the feet of the black church which is a much smaller proportion of the population in Cali and even less so when it comes to votes tallied.

All that being said I still find it somehow WORSE when black people are homophobic b/c we have so many of the same shared struggles with civil rights in this country. I just think the "black people are MORE homophobic" thing is a divide and conquer tactic that keeps people who should be allies fighting with each other to make themselves feel superior on a moral level.
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