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Carolla being sued

When I saw Adam Carolla's photo in the show notes, I thought for sure you were going to bring up the Fund Anything Campaign he has been promoting to try to raise money for a lawsuit that he is currently fighting. He is being sued by a patent owner who claims to own a patent on a technology that is used by podcasters. I'm don't know all of the details, but from what it sounds like, this could affect all podcasters if Carolla were to loose this case.

Carolla is the target of the lawsuit because he has one of the biggest, if not the biggest podcast and is an easy target for this group of people to try to get some money out of. If the patent trolls win, KATG could suffer as well.

Sorry, not trying to make this an Adam Carolla ad, but as a fan of your show, and many other podcasts, none of which are as good or as funny as KATG, I would hope that you and your listeners are aware of whats going on and it potential impact on your livelihood.


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