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I've been really surprised at the number of females against catcalling, and the vehemence of their arguments.

Up until now, I'd always assumed that all girls liked a whistle or a comment (aside from "yeah, I want to stick it up your cunt" or shit like that). As a straight man, I've never minded it when gay guys made comments. If a poofter reckons I look fuckable, then I must be doing something right.

Obviously cHemmo & 50% of the KATGettes feel very strongly about getting their hooters hooted at, so this has been yet another eye-opening discussion about what I thought was going to be a one-sided topic.

Oh, and thanks to cHemmo for the mental image of my Mum getting her tits complimented. I wonder if Danny's therapist could run a group session in chat...
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