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I'll mention this tomorrow, but I would never let someone spank my kid. But I guarantee every teacher in my kid's school would know that no matter what the law is you don't put your hands on the Malley kid. My dad was too involved with my teachers, but he errored on the right side.

Most parents don't care enough, and without an alternative that I know of I think the general rule (including the school my kid is going to) being that the teachers can paddle the kids is okay.

Assuming the teachers aren't insane, they don't want to paddle the kids at all.

"But what if the teachers are insane?"

They're teaching your kids!!! They're with them all day! Do you trust them or not?

People said, "I wouldn't leave my children with Michael Jackson, but that doesn't mean I don't trust Michael Jackson, I just don't leave my kids with just anyone."

But you do. Every single day. Do you trust them or not?
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