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Itís incredible to me that youíre still allowed to spank children in schools in so many US states. Itís been illegal in government-run schools in Australia for over 20 years in some states, however in some states spanking is still allowed in private schools. Teachers here nowadays canít so much as touch a child let alone use force to discipline them. Some guidelines even caution against teachers shouting or raising their voices.

My motherís a teacher in a government-run school and she has been threatened with legal action by a parent when my mother forcibly separated their son from a child he was beating up. Sheís not allowed to touch a child in any way, even in the defence of another child, and doing so risks getting sued. She recently had a child throw a chair at her and bite her on the back of her legs and sheís not allowed to do anything to defend herself in any way. Itís completely fucked up. These are middle-school kids who should be able to be disciplined and could easily be subdued by an adult if the adult had the right to do so.
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