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Discipline my kid but don't you lay a finger on her in frustration or to "teach her a lesson". We discussed discipline with the principal and teachers before we agreed to her going to the school. If my daughter came home from school and said she was smacked or hit by a teacher I would pull her out of the school. My internal rage would want me to go there and smack the teacher but that is the type of reaction I don't want instilled in her; that if there is a problem, violence will fix it. We don't hit at home but if she were to be hit at school, she would quickly change her tune about how she reacts to discipline at home; "I can get away with murder at home because Mum and Dad won't hit me."

My kid goes to school to learn and to be excited to learn so that she doesn't end up hating school by the time she is 9 and gives up. Having someone whom she looks up to and listens to daily show her that when someone doesn't fall in line they get smacked is not what I want for my daughter. It's hard enough knowing that other dickhead kids in her playground will hit and swear when they don't get their way, but we re-enforce (WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!) at home that we don't hit. Hopefully our influence is stronger than the other kids, at least till she's a little older.

Disappointment has worked for us, so far; if my kid has messed up and she sees how disappointed we are in what she has done, she is sorry and changes her way. Having the fear of upsetting us in her mind, not a backhand, should hopefully deter her from doing the wrong thing. We talk about what she could have done differently, we all learn from the experience, the audience says, "Awwww" and the credits roll.

Who knows how long that is going to last though.
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