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I don't remember ever being deterred from doing something because of the threat of a spanking. Not letting people down or disappointing them was a bigger factor.

The principal could cane people on their hands and that was always a concern but that's because it seemed like it would hurt.

I do remember thinking how some of the spankings from my parents weren't warranted, being assumed guilty of something with no chance of explanation, or when I was dragged into a spanking because of being an innocent bystander to something my sister did. And I remember resenting them for it.

I also remember thinking at 14 or 15, I'm bigger then both of them now and if they ever try it again, I'm hitting back. I think they caught that vibe from me as it was the last time it ever happened.

I've also seen a teacher hold a classmate a foot off the ground against a wall by his neck. So I don't really trust teachers with the power.
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