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If the post office where to privatize you would have an unlimited amount of delivery people in your mailbox everyday. The sanctity of the mail would be compromised and it would be a giant mess. Also, when you move or put your mail on hold, you would have to notify all of those entities and your mail would never get to you. .Unlike the car industry, the post office has not been bailed out and they don't want us to be. If it goes private, there are a lot of companies that could make a lot of money by having access to your mailbox.

Trust me, you don't want to privatize the post office. Also, if the post office were not being forced to pre-fund their retirement accounts, as mandated by Congress, we would be making a profit and you would not be hearing all this noise about how awful we are as a business.

The package hunt is a bit ridiculous but I have to believe the issue is the volume of packages that your post offices deal with. Would you rather have notification to go and get your parcels or have them left on your door step for someone to steal? It is not always a perfect system but we do our best, at least in the small town like the one I deliver in.

ps the clerks up front should have no reflection on the awesome carriers out there getting it done everyday!
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