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Yes, because that releases your carrier from getting into any trouble if the package comes up missing. Our rule is to notify unless given instructions from the customer to leave it. I'm not saying they will it but I do as long as I know my patron's are ok with me leaving it at their door. Maybe your carrier is just lazy and doesn't want to bring it to your door, that's an asshole move and we get paid by the hour so they should climb those stairs already.

Peace and Love, Peace and Love.

Listening to this episode now, the only people that are not happy about your show time changing to Sundays is the mail carriers that work Saturdays. About 1/4 of the carriers in our small office (5) listen to your show and now we can't talk about it Saturday night when we are drinking around the bon fire. That being said, I'm a delayed gratification girl so I like the...... anticipation
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