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Originally Posted by WonderWoman View Post
...if the post office were not being forced to pre-fund their retirement accounts, as mandated by Congress, we would be making a profit and you would not be hearing all this noise about how awful we are as a business...
Why shouldn't the USPS be pre-funding their retirement accounts? Everyone in the real world has to.

Originally Posted by Sashi View Post
Here's another reason for USPS. They don't fuck you as hard with fees. I'm in Canada and if I buy something from the States and have it shipped by UPS or FedEx, they bill me ridiculous amounts for broker fees. I've ordered stuff that's $40 and had to pay $30 in broker fees. That's not even including shipping fees. Broker fees easily go up to $100 and it's beyond dumb. USPS charges like $5 for the same thing.
I'm shocked they're unprofitable.

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