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Originally Posted by ImStillToni View Post
Since I missed the live show yesterday I figured "let me get my Myq fix now" and decided to listen to this episode first.

Holy crap, MIND. BLOWN.

Between the Heller dejavu, Robin (who is friggin awesome btw), and Robin's bomb of Gallagher, I was enamored. I also think I reacted the same way as you and Heller because I was on my patio yelling "no she did not just say that all nonchalantly!" I'm becoming a bigger fan by the day in the most non-creepy way I can convey via forum. Your robotness so to speak puts me to sleep almost nightly so if it helps, you can say we sleep together several times a week AND we are still friends to boot!

More and more, your podcast is becoming one of my faves & usually the first one I play....unless Keith sees this, then I will say say this is the second favorite podcast because "that's how we do it over here"
thanks so much for saying all the things that you said here.
really glad you enjoyed it so much. it was a real fun podcast to make.

much appreciated!
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