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Originally Posted by J. Canines View Post

Thank you for your reply. Comedian logic is strange to me, but I suppose being in the moment/ spontaneous is an art unto itself, (unto the original objective being the art that was initially the main goal.
1) creating spontaneous comedy definitely is an art unto itself. (some call it "improv comedy." or in the confines of standup, some call it "riffing." or possibly "lazy." or some combination thereof... there are sincerely some people who are wonderful comedic in-the-momenters.)

2) with regard to this specific scenario, i do honestly feel that writing a great but potentially mean joke about someone who ends up not being there would be an unfortunate waste, or too mean to do. so, better to wait and see who's there, from one perspective.

3) comedian logic is just a subset of human logic, i would say. (but that could be my non-human comedian logic talking.)

PS you're welcome, and thank YOU!

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