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This ep was another example of Keith being incredibly gifted in the realm of: observation, psychology, and just over-all big pimp/control/insightfulness. It's another ep where the listener thinks, "Keith is highly skilled and fun drinker. Damn. I wish I could have a beer with him."

I've heard Liz on Myka Fox's spin-off. She's funny. She's also incredibly sexy. Jesus Christ, is this chick hot. It's enough to make ya wish you had KATG video, if not for the 2 mins it took to get this 88 pound, model-esque beauty drunk.

This was a damn fine ep. As an alcoholic and drug user though; it really didn't impress me. Keith obviously did an Aces+ job making it fun, but no real challenge to his skill set.


I would like to address the brilliance, (and sheer bravery) that Keith addressed on this ep concerning male friendship.

Keith brought up that guy he ran into at a bar. The guy was just some dude who happened to get along with Keith. It's that moment you realize as a man, "oh shit, I think this guy is a new friend..." NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS!

Now. We're ALL progressive and liberal. We don't care if men date men or women date women. There's no hatred in that area. Keith has a gay brother. He knows the score and is very evolved in this area.

This being said, as a 35 yr old straight man, I totally get what Keith is getting at when he's like, "I think I made a new friend." People don't understand how FUCKING DIFFICULT this is...after the age of like 25. You don't just ask a dude for his number. You don't just...make plans. It doesn't work like that.

You pretty much are relegated to 'yer boys' you grew up with. There's zero addition to this. I would love to see this issue explored further. Once again, Keith's honesty and observations make VIP golden.

Keith knew Liz had to pee something he drew the outro out as long as possible...haha. Loved the end twist.
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