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Originally Posted by Scumhook View Post
Great ep!! Really enjoyed the open discussion and the challenges to the way we've been culturally brainwashed.

One question - I always thought that a pederast was a man (possibly a patriarchal assumption, brb checking privilege) who enjoyed sex with older boys, and a pedophile was into the young 'uns. A quick google search seems to back this up, however any thoughts from others will be immediately reported to the FBI appreciated.

I'm also going to pray to Allah that I get reincarnated as a benobo (a male one).
Thanks Scumhook! I don't remember what was said exactly about those definitions, but it seems like there's some overlap and not complete agreement between popular and technical usages, based on these wikipedia pages:
Pederasty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pedophilia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to some, it looks like pedophiles must be attracted to children younger than teenagers, and pederasts must be attracted to teenish kids, definitionally. But also it looks like pederasts might need to ACT on the desire, to fit the definition? It's a little unclear from my initial scanning.

In any event, we'll get to the bottom of this (once it's of age), and thanks as always for the support!
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