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Originally Posted by seamus View Post
The opening talking about the frat rape made me wonder why these guys went through so much work for bad sex. The number one complaint from guys about sex is when a woman just lays there. So these frat bros went through all this trouble to have sex with girls who are literally just laying there. Are they embarrassed by their penises? Of course I'm assuming they viewed it as sex and not full out rape. If they did view it as rape, then how does a guy get off on rape?
I wonder about this too. I am very hesitant to believe that so many men are "just predators" because that's a horrible way to perceive half the species/not true. I do believe it has so much to do with social conditioning which is why I don't understand why people deny that rape happens. Any woman can be raped and any man can become a rapist if they're in the "right" environment. Frats bros rape 300% more, you can't tell me those young men were born predators so much as they have been convinced to regard negative behaviors as normal. That's why we call it a "culture" and no longer say things like "it's about power" or the scary guy lurking in a back alley. It's any person who has been conditioned to think this shit is OK.

To sum this up, what I mean is, I think you're right in that these dudes think this is "regular sex" (it doesn't help that many colleges categorize rapes as "non-consensual" sex to make it sound like an alternative version of sex and not rape which is what non-consensual sex is). Basically, a lot of these guys think that this is a flavor of sex that is to be had. They think this is good sex. Then they do something horrifying to another human being and don't understand how it could be wrong.

It's the same kind of shit that turns people into slave-owners, tyrants, crooked cops and Nazis, the "everyone is doing it—oh, fuck, oh holy shit, what have i have I done?," susceptibility of the human mind to do terrible, horrific shit because our brains are that dumb.

It's all completely tragic.
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