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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
At some point punk and metal will bore you
I had my rap/hip-hop phase in high school and although I still enjoy a bit of late 80's early 90's Wu-Tang, Onyx, Gravediggaz, House of Pain, Naughty By Nature... I am bored with it. And I've tried some of the new breed but their lyrics are woeful in my opinion and the music... case in point; play that Nas track and skip every 15 seconds and its the same tune over and over and over and over with no variance at all. I love a good beat - especially the jazzy, cool bass line stuff with a simple beat (Who's The Man? by House Of Pain).

My love for prog & metal is because of how different things are and how they throw new riffs, time signatures and feels at you within the same song.

And with that here are some of my favorite hip hop 'jams?':

House of Pain with Who's The Man?

Naughty By Nature with It's On

Onyx with All We Got Iz Us

Gravediggaz with Diary Of A Madman
(with RZA from Wu-Tang)

R.I.P. Rhian - fuck da ghetto!
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