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Originally Posted by Paraquat View Post
Yea, you got robbed.
Also where did the batteries go?
Ohhhhh. lol. Sorry. I got the 'vibrator or Vib' Fleshlight. IT's basically the regular one but with 3 bullet vibrators you slip into the sleeve, (right up by the opening) but it's a total pain in the ass.

You have to fill all three little bullets with those tiny watch batteries, then turn em on, (had one switch break on one within 2 uses) then warm up your sleeve, THEN try and fit those vibs into the fleshy wet sleeve, then put it all into the shell, then cover everything in lube etc

It's a bit much. I go manual jerk most times, but it is a little extra treat every now and again. The vibrator motion is nice but a tedious process. Makes you wish you'd just taken the time to make a turkey sandwich and call a girlfriend and make plans and wait to get laid.

This is all logical thinking that can only come from blowing a load though. It's a real catch 22 being a man. These women have no idea.
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