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But I'm already a little disappointed there's no zip line photo.

I'm so glad my bf missed the boat cause the bull shit sold out within a few hours. They said it was shit on the site, I did not doubt it was literal shit but he would have bought it just cause he's a completist. Last Xmas they did a "Holiday Bullshit" thing where you got 12 presents for $10 for Xmas and one day was getting a card with my full name on it. This year they did "10 Days of Kwaanza or Whatever" and I now have a card that says "my full name"'s butt on it. So... that's an automatic win. If phrases like "coat hanger abortion" offend, this game is not for you.

There are movies about killing the president in this country. Not to be silly but, this is letting the terrorists win. We're setting a shitty precedent where you,can tell us what we can do in our own country. It's bullshit.

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