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Also looking for the zip-lining picture!

You guys are in too much of a bubble to realize how important school is for a lot of professions.

"Who is aiming to buy a house nowadays?"

A lot of people outside of New York.

It's just as bad to tell a kid not to go to school as it is to tell them to go to school. At least give them something to aim for or think about. Wandering around aimlessly doesn't work for everyone. In fact, I'd say it doesn't work for most. And certain cities and economies will attract certain people.

School doesn't mean you automatically get a job, but it does allow you to have something to fall back on if anything happens. It gives you a sense of peace whether you're out either expanding your knowledge on what you studied, or you go out and learn something completely different.

I work for the public and I also have my own business. I needed school for one, and not the other. I would encourage both paths for my own kids, until they get older and decide if they want to choose one.
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