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Contempt of Cop
I have a friend that is a former Sheriff from Colorado. He was "trained" (or at least prepared himself) for a situation where he gets flipped off/cussed out/disrespected in public. Technically, he said, it is not against the law. To get around this technicality, the officer will remain still and wait for the perpetrator to turn their back. Once the perp can't see the officer's face, the officer will mumble, "Stop, you're being detained." Since the perp can't hear and doesn't respond, they are now resisting arrest. He called it contempt of cop, and his advice was that if you are going to do this back away from the cop and never turn your back until you can round a corner. He said it is almost a reflex for cops, just like the fact that they must yell "STOP RESISTING!" the entire time they are trying to subdue someone with force.

Border Patrol
Being from South Texas, I'm very familiar with the Border Patrol checkpoints. They aren't hidden or random; they have permanent roadblocks and offices. There is supposed to be a large "free movement zone" on both sides of the US/Mexico border. You can enter Mexico at Matamoros with just your driver's license and spend a few days. If you try to go too far into Mexico, you will get stopped at a checkpoint and asked for a visa, proof of your travel plans, funds, etc. The same on the U.S. side. They want day-shoppers and small business owners from Mexico coming into the U.S. and stocking their homes and stores. There is a border checkpoint, but they can only inspect people that attempt to cross legally. There a checkpoints set up about 100 miles from the border on the major highways, like Sarita, Texas, where they stop everyone and check to make sure someone didn't swim across the Rio Grande River and then jump in the back of a car. I've literally pulled up with limes and salt on the dashboard with a bottle of tequila under the seat and been passed through once they see my Texas driver's license. It's just a more efficient way to promote border crossing than hassling people directly on the border.
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