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Do you think Michael Stipe and Peter Garrett ever take hallucinogens and forget who's who when they're fucking each other? It must be an utter dilemma until the one with the Aussie accent speaks.

These guys had a hit song in the mid 90's and got so over played on radio here in states that I hated them. With a passion. Also it's pretty hard not to sound douche-y when singing AND being political. I would be lying, however, if I didn't say this song appealed to me. Good live version too.

It's weird finding out these guys are aussie as well. It's kind of like growing up on Black Sabbath/ Ozzy and then watching The Osbournes. As an American you hear people with accents and the result is...unsettling. Thrilling, but ...odd. We fear what we don't know. And then we kill it.

If Americans ever discover oil or find out 'roo meat is delicious; it may be the end of Kangaroo Island. 19 hour plane rides and no ozone be damned.
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