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2 years still does not account to still unfair difference in sheer density and mass. I'm with Keith on this one - it's in no way remotely fair.

If i had a cow and a bull, cut off the bull's testicles, pumped the bull full of hormones, add udders...I still bet the bull with fuck up that cow. Period. Unless there is some miraculous surgery or treatment that shrinks your height, weight, and bone structure this is no way a fair fight at its core. On the surface, sure, but in actuality it's not the same thing at all IMHO. Bulls are significantly larger than cows.

"A mature bison bull will weigh approximately 2,000 pounds while a mature bison cow will weigh approximately 1,100 pounds." Bison FAQs - Questions and Answers about Bison | National Bison Association

No amount of transitioning in the world is going to change that difference in height (if any), weight, and bone. I just think it's unrealistic to assume if you transition, other fighters should still fight you like nothing changed. Something did change. If 2 can agree to fight, great! But the cisgender better not say shit if/when the other fighter kicks their ass, talking about how unfair it is after the fact. DUH BITCH, this is just math and science
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