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Originally Posted by marykae View Post
A trans woman is a woman.
Agreed. A trans woman is a woman. This is not phenomena. Historically we've always had men in women's bodies, women in men's bodies. All cultures experience this. Native American tribes had trans, (before it was trans). They were referred to as Two-Spirit People.

Modern societies are still trying to define trans. We are right now in the midst of defining trans. The medical procedures involved. The terminology. The correct behavior. It's basically a long over-due normalizing of trans.

It's sad to think that in the process of this normalization that we overlook the revelations of science. What we now know about testosterone and estrogen. The implications of imprinting gender. Recognizing and appreciating transgender should not be discounted. But neither should the facts of human biology.

I'd also like to add that trying to determine what's fair and what is not in the realm of sports, (especially with the rise of performance enhancing drugs) is a huge issue. One that long preceded any perceived 'trans as a kind of advantage.'
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