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Originally Posted by Carruthers View Post
I've had this argument with my brother in law who insists that any male football team (UK football mind) could beat any female football team. And it's because he's framed it exactly this (non-specific) way that I say he's wrong. I think if I choose a pro female team and a bunch of random amateur blokes, including people like me, the women would win. Easily. But he still thinks I'm just being silly.
You are correct. Even in equal skaters. An established female roller derby team will often beat a roughly equal established team of males because women are better at bonding and team work than men. Given the same situation with skaters who have never played together, the men will win from strength and aggression while the women are still trying to figure out strategy.

That said, men in my sport are starting to learn how to work together, at least in Portland. Roller derby beware!

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