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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
That's a good read but it misses the mark.

" ... how often do you hear outcry about a male athlete having an unusually high testosterone level? ..."

In mixed martial arts? LITERALLY all the time. This is a sport in which testosterone levels are checked before and after every fight and also at random "surprise" intervals throughout the couple of months prior to the fight. And when the numbers come back goofy? You better believe there's an outcry across the MMA world. Reputations can be ruined by exactly that metric. Even when an athlete is officially cleared of PED usage, MMA fandom is so skeptical of authority the questioning continues. Even athletes who had "therapeutic use exemptions" and were open about their legal use of TRT are looked at sideways. T levels are a HUGE deal in the fight game.

Which is why this "Fallon Fox thing" is a discussion which weakens when comparisons tennis or ultramarathon are made. Nobody's taking head trauma receiving Roger Federer's serves or eating Dean Karnazes's dust.
I think she meant "naturally high testosterone levels." But I'm just guessing.
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