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Agree with DaveNJ and Keith in general on this one. Chemda is right in that a scientific basis should be used as judgment for these kinds of issues (people who are qualified to make a scientific judgement should be the ones to do so). But speaking just as a regular person I would say no, a trans woman who went through puberty as a man should not be allowed to compete against women. On a general level being physically male gives greater basic strength, denser bones and greater muscele mass. And maybe hormones do mitigate these advantages to some degree. But how do you judge to what degree is fair? Anyone who saw Anderson Silva literally snap his leg bone in half while kicking the shin of his opponent would agree that bone density is important in regards to MMA fighting and that someone with greater bone density is at a definite advantage to someone with less. Weight training will only get you so far. It will never make my bones as dense as a man's. no matter how much I go to the gym. I understand its a tricky issue in that transgendered people have the right to be treated equally to all the other people of their gender. But having xy chromosomes confer a definite advantage in all manner of physical attributes and that can not be ignored.
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