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Originally Posted by marykae View Post
True. But tbh I didn't even realize I was responding to a male or I would have responded differently. A male brained person can't say how they would feel if they were a female. I mean, they can try, but I can't take them seriously.

Similarly, I can't say how I would feel if I didn't have four other girls on the track with me. But I'd like to think I'd feel the way I do now, as long as the athlete was competing in the correct weight class.
Which is fine to say now, but think of the Fallon Fox example of the fighter happening to win EVERY time.

What if there was a ceiling to your competition where you were always competing for second (or third or fourth) place? Some people might continue to compete, but others wouldn't. Competition thrives when something is, you know, competitive. When it's not? The shine tends to fade.
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