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thanks for clearing it up ��

Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
hey! you're new here! glad you found our little piece of paradise. just a head's up, we like to be a loosey goosey for sure, but if you're looking to make an actual point, it does help to tighten up your means of expression; it tells us to be serious in return, else wise, chér, we tend to digress into cheap shots earlier than interesting conversation should allow. is english a second language to you? we can certainly accommodate not digging in so hard if this is the case. english is hard.

we are an internet forums, but we're attended by some intelligent folks. our wee show /did/ win itself an award for being one of the smartest podcasts to listen to. let's keep all the facets of our community as sterling, yes?
Ooh I get it some of you are the uppity type. The self righteous who believe if people don't speak in the manner in which you do then they are stupid and have no views worth considering. It can't possibly be that they typing on a fucking phone using Swype method and sometimes over look the spell suggestions provided by phone or just plain and simply don't have a stick up there ass or feel the need to comb through with fine tooth comb . Here's a thought don't take me seriously move on to next post and shut the fuck up. JESUSSSS!!!!

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