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Originally Posted by Keith View Post

What's the difference?

Yes, I care about a person with a man's body beating the shit out of women that don't have a choice if they want to compete.

Oh my goodness...
I never said you didn't care about ladies getting hurt, Keith. Come on.

There's a huge difference. That's why sports have rules for safety, and rules for... I guess morality?

Can I use roller derby as an example? Ok, thanks.

In roller derby we have a rule that states you can't hit someone in the back, in the knees, or above the shoulders. This is about skater safety. We also have a rule that states you can't gain relative position over someone while out of bounds. This is about having a fair game and has zero to do with the safety of the skaters.

Additionally, many of the comments I read in the other threads seemed specifically about fairness in competition.
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