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Originally Posted by Jo_Culprit View Post
You can't just associate the up and downs of a woman's hormonal cycle with rage. Rage is one direction, if you were raging all the time you would be stable in that direction. Fallon would be dealing with a heightened sensitivity to emotional input that she would not have had to deal with when she was male bodied. Sensitivity to things like doubt and anxiety among other things including anger.

It's just my opinion that Fallon would have to be more careful and watchful of herself mentally, at least in the first few years after she started the transition.
I'll take your word for it. I have never had hormonal fluctuations. I will say this though. There where times when my girlfriend was pregnant where the littlest things put the fires of hell in her eyes. It was fucking scary. And I got a feeling that if she had a male body the time I forgot to get her snickers and Doritos at the store she would have broke my damn jaw. Least it felt that way.
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