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As a teenager, who smoked weed, I used to go to Washington Square Park on 4/20 and everyone there smoked in public and it was like an unspoken rule that the cops would not fuck with you on that day if you just stayed in the park. I know this sounds like crazypants shit but we did smoke blatently in public in broad daylight in front of cops and nothing happened. Every year. And this was way before weed was as accepted as it is now (94-98).

I was actually arrested (without being read my rights) for telling an undercover cop "I think that guy over there *gestures broadly* has weed" for "selling" in 1998 on the Christopher St. Piers. I was treated like shit: thrown in a van and chain gang handcuffed to grown men who were high on narcotics and had to be wrestled with to get cuffed. We drove around til the van was full and I couldn't even get the cuffs off to take a piss even though another woman was allowed to piss without cuffs AND without someone in the stall with her (to be fair I was full on punk rock at that point with blue 8 inch liberty spikes and she looked like a tourist in her 30's). I was held overnight, got a mug shot and errryting and then put on some sort of probation where if I didn't get arrested for 2 years the case would be sealed/expunged/whatever. Of course my mom didn't believe that at that point I had stopped smoking pot months before and was sober as a jaybird when it happened. By the by if someone can tell me how to get a hold of my mug shot that'd be awesome. I tried the internet a few years ago but had no luck.

Fun fact: 5 mins before it went down, we were playing Blondie's "One Way or Another" on a shitty little boom box and singing along.

I voted no though cause I haven't smoked pot since 1998. Weed is boring. Pass the vodka.

Also, chemda is fucking crazy. Does one cigarette not harm you cause you didn't smoke a pack? Coke harms you every time you do it and, fyi, no one does coke by doing one line. "I did coke Friday night" = multiple lines/bumps. You dont have to be addicted to something for it to harm you. Disclaimer: I haven't done coke in a few years not through lack of trying, I love it.

TL; DR: weed was a thing 20 years ago, chemda is nuts, someone help me find coke and my mugshot.
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