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2163: Breast in Show

Originally Posted by OnmyojiOmn View Post
If there should be a trans league in MMA, should there be a black league in basketball?
Umm, until there is a MELANIN TRANSPLANT SURGERY then no.
Ain't none of you white folks trying to be Black and willing to pay for it to boot. So stop it. Dumbass.

You just showed your racist card. As well as let us all know your ass thinks being black is even remotely close to the years and money necessary to change your gender body (is that even a term? If not I'm still going with it). Not everything has to do with race. Gender and race are NOT the same thing. Silly me for suggesting a solution that would allow a MMA fighter to fight any other fighter in any division is the fighters agree to it. Isn't that the heart of the issue really? Fallon wants to fight and others are saying it's not fair. She has every right to want to fight, but the sport (like many others) as not caught up with what is now a societal norm in that this issue really does need to be addressed. For all parties involved and for future/budding athletes as well.

And if anything, there should be a white only league for the NBA
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The thing is, Toni happens to be absolutely batshit.
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