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Rich's wife on KATG. ASAP. Answers are the only antidote to the bewildering poison of silence that this fuck head has left behind. There are slippery fucks. There are lying fucks. There are too much info fucks. But Rich's response was so insanely guarded that I wouldn't even know how to classify it.

Rich was so intent on not divulging anything that the listener has to assume everything. Maybe he's a closet gay. Or his wife cheated. Or he cheated. At this point it's not too ridiculous to assume they BOTH cheated and had to murder their respective lovers. These tip-toeing, secretive fucks.

The one redeeming thing about this show is that even though, "[Rich] is a very funny guy" Keith did all the comedic heavy lifting. Keith went every which way he could go. It was very impressive actually.

Keith: A+++ (with additional points for not throwing this prick out a window. I mean really. WHO DOESN'T KNOW THEIR FAVORITE COLOR??????

Xerxes: A+

Margot: A+

Rich: This guy gets, (in terms of a grade) exactly what he gave. Nothing.
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