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This episode is a perfect example of my MNIK is the best show ever did! That's how we do it over here!!!

1) it's been a minute since we heard Keith sounding visibly drunk and i enjoy every second of it. Fuck my life, I NEED video for this
2) if someone asks me my favorite color, i'm gonna tell them a fucking color before that think I'm stupid
3) We Keith announced how sexy his family is and then said "the shit of calendars" I DIED. I still do not know how i'm writing this post right now
4) I agree with Keith. Raising a dog is harder. or maybe it's our dogs are smarter than fucking children and we cannot go to jail for crate training their asses

Is it just me, but i am irked when someone who's married hates to diss on a spouse. Get me on MNIK and I'll talk about mrtoni's ass all damned day and i know he would love a platform to sit and bitch about me to the world. What are these men afraid of? Not getting any more pussy? I need Adam and Dante back on this shit, I hate a pussy-ass dude. But the way Ritch sounded that inebriated, I was pleasantly surprised at how it sounded like'
he was really thinking before answering.

So let us know - was he just that drunk or was he actually smart enough to pause before responding?

Anywhoo i could go on and on. Loved the audience, loved Ritch, loved Keith, loved every thing. Another awesome ep!
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