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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
A game that takes up to five days to get a result, which even then may be a draw?

How dare.

On the other hand people can get fucked up playing cricket. Just last year a top Aussie player was killed when he was struck by a bouncer. How you gonna see that kind of drama in golf? That game relies on lightning storms and alligators for anything interesting to happen.
The most dangerous golf event I have been involved in was skeet golf. We took turns driving the balls off the tee and shooting them out of the air with shotguns. It wasn't actually dangerous, but it was fun.

Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
Georgia has two of the worst fan bases: University of Georgia fans and Braves fans.

know how you can tell a GA fan? original definition of literally everything they own has a fucking G on it.

Atlanta Braves? racist. there's not a lot more creepy than a stadium full of white people tomahawk chopping. AND AND they're moving the stadium out of the black area of town init to a white area and not running public transport to it. i mean, there's high end shopping opportunities being built on the campus for christ's sake. CASH MONEY!!!!

if i baseball in person, minor league all the way. Cool Ray Stadium, home of the Gwinnet Braves, is cute. there's bounce castles and a big grassy area just outside the outfield for families to chill out and have fun for discount. i like that more hometown farm team feel.
I grew up in the Carolinas before there were any pro teams (besides Clemson) there. I know a lot of people who adopted Braves/Falcons teams as "their" pro team. I never got that idea. I enjoy watching sports, when I am there and can smell the grass or the ice. Through a tv screen ... meh.
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