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i just…i just /really/ love team spirit. all the teams i like are just teams of people who i love who get excited about it.

American football is very exciting to watch. timed. not too low scoring, not too high scoring. hot boiled peanuts to keep your hands warm. festive dips if you're at home. tail gating is rad.

basketball is very sweet. you go to one end and do your best and then you let the other team go to their end and do their best and you just swap back and forth like that.

rivalries all around, though. LOVE a good grudge. it's a wonderful place to get irrational rage out on another human being in a relatively civilized, socially sanctioned way.
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Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
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Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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