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Originally Posted by thirteen View Post
They think, because they can speak to their parents about something, everyone else can do the same thing with their own parents. It doesn't mean they're a bad person.
Yeah. It's true that everyone's different with their own different experiences. But Sabrina seemed completely oblivious to how being in a gay or trans relationship, (with Muslim/ religious parents) could possibly be a problem.

IF Sabrina had an easy go of it; I'd like to hear that story. She just seemed indifferent. It was as if her parents were atheists and members of PFLAG. She didn't know what the fuck Chemda was talking about. That's fine. But at least acknowledge that GAY/MUSLIM is terribly interesting, holds great weight, and is NOT the norm.

"I thought the Pope liked gay people..." Uh huh.

This guest seemed incredibly oblivious. To everything. She tried real hard to be funny, but not enough to feel apart of anything. The show especially.
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