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Originally Posted by Nettie-poo View Post
.... I feel like I'm hoarding this amazing thing that needs to be free! I'm not scared of him leaving me. I'm scared of women stealing him.
Wow. That's so fucking cool. But you've yet to test the whole jealousy thing. I'm super possessive when it comes to sex. Scratch that. Super insecure. So maybe that's why everyone's bitching about open sex relationships?

I think the whole thread on people not understanding open sex is like a metaphor for damn near everything. We don't understand stuff, (we ourselves don't do) so it becomes impossible and strange.

Here's a question. I love me some mamas w/ tats and piercings. Lip rings. Nipple piercings. Clit piercings. But on looks goofy. Unless it's a septum ring. A big gauge. Then it looks interesting.

Women look better than men when it comes to piercings. Thoughts?
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