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Originally Posted by Professor Subterfuge View Post
Rather than unsuccessfully trying to pretend religion and modern knowledge,(aka human rights/ woman rights/etc) can coexist; why not just be honest?

All religions are a primitive and outdated way of thinking. Anything to the contrary is a desperate attempt to hold on to a fairy tale. Let it go man. The whole idea of a Pope is ridiculous to begin with.
Religions should play no part in law-making, but the right of religious freedom should continue to be one of the basic human rights. Religions have a very powerful role in community building and as a basis for morality. You cannot deny the good that that they do, just as I cannot deny the incredible damage that they also can promote.

Christianity has been around for around a hundred generations, what gives this generation the right to call time on it, and the role that the Pope plays as the "ancestor" of the Church's first apostle? The growth of radicalism may be seen to mirror the growth of atheism to combat those with moral anarchy. Not saying that these are my views, necessarily.
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