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Originally Posted by Professor Subterfuge View Post
I'd argue Catholicism is to gays what Sharia law is to females. Maybe not as extreme, but they both creates lesser rights and second-class citizen status.
You are right in a way. But Catholics are trending to recognise that "love one another" is paramount, irrespective of gender preference, whereas Sharia'a is still stuck in Medeival thinking.

I would love to see my religion continue on its route to "love one another, unconditionally". It is my personal outlook and one I think resounds with non-believers alike. Sharia'a is the imposition of an ancient value system totally divorced from popular thinking.

To be relevent in 2015 Catholicism has to recognise that homosexual relationships are no less loving and moral as male/female. This Pope is the best chance we have to put this recognise this dynamic.
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